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Dorado Software Advanced Service Delivery Toolset For Any Service Over Any Device
Posted: Wed May 26, 2010 02:31:00 PM
- May 18, 2010 - Dorado Software, Inc. a leading provider of infrastructure and service management software, today announced the availability of Redcell v6 Service Studio, the revolutionary new creation platform to deploy IP services without having to worry about the underlying network infrastructure. Redcell Service Studio offers an intuitive, feature-rich toolset to model custom network services that span equipment from one or more vendors. Dorado Software will showcase Redcell Service Studio, in addition to the Redcell suite of Resource, Service and Health/ Performance management products, in booth 18 at the TM Forum, May 18-20th at the Acropolis Congress Center in Nice, France..

With increasing competitive pressures, service providers must react quickly to reduce churn, improve time-to-market and realize new revenues. Historically, due to network complexity, new services were rolled out manually by operations teams, leading to slow, error-prone deployments. Redcell Service Studio eliminates these issues and also the long development cycles typically required to deploy custom services, enabling service providers to get new services to market quicker than ever before.

With Redcell Service Studio, service providers can model any service type from end-to-end or in part, including FTTx, mobile backhaul, Ethernet, LTE and Multi-media. Additionally, this toolset empowers service providers to implement modifications to their network services as their business evolves over time, without incurring huge development costs or incurring prohibitive supplier lead times.

The automation capabilities provided by the Redcell Service Studio frees the service provider to concentrate on rapid content delivery instead of coding infrastructure to integrate into the Redcell suite of monitoring, resource and service management products. A service definition built with Redcell Service Studio is automatically part of Redcell's inventory and is therefore exposed during runtime for discovery, reporting, monitoring, provisioning (activation), and graphical topology views.

The Redcell Service Studio enables the following aspects of the service:

Service Definition: Model the service's schema, define the GUI behavior for data entry, and define the tasks as a workflow to perform provisioning and diagnostics.

Discovery Definition: Define and implement tasks to discover pre-existing services from the network or other sources such as device configuration files. This also permits importing service data in various formats including CSV and XML, or live from the network using CLI based show commands.

Pool Definition: Define network resource pools for IP address allocation or VLAN ID allocation for example, to automate service data entry and ensure that IDs that must be globally unique for service endpoints are never assigned overlapping values.

In combination with Redcell's Device Driver Software Development Kit, The Redcell Device Driver Factory, virtually "any service" for "any device" can be added to Redcell Service Center. Since time to market is critical, the Redcell Service Studio toolset hands control of network service rollout back to the service provider, enabling them to meet their business objectives and customer obligations without external dependencies..
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