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Dorado Software's Redcell Traffic Flow Analyzer Is Ga
Posted: Wed Nov 25, 2009 11:47:00 AM
Dorado Software, a leading provider of IT infrastructure lifecycle management software, today announced that Redcell Traffic Flow Analyzer for complete visibility into IP traffic behavior, usage patterns and network utilization is generally available. Redcell Traffic Flow Analyzer helps both Service Providers and Enterprise Networks increase network utilization and performance by identifying those users, applications, protocols, services, customers, and conversations that are consuming valuable bandwidth, and presents this information in easy-to-understand graphs and reports. Dorado Software showcased Redcell Traffic Flow Analyzer at Cisco Live in San Francisco in June.

As with all Redcell products, Redcell Traffic Flow Analyzer scales from small environments to the very largest in the world. It provides superior navigational ability to help users pinpoint issues in an intuitively focused way that filters out unwanted information. For instance, instead of drilling down on the top conversation in a network, a user is able to drill into the top conversation on a specific endpoint of a specific application, on a specific exporter interface.

A powerful search capability in Redcell Traffic Flow Analyzer returns results in a very user friendly format, grouped and summarized by flow types. It also enables users to easily jump to a specific flow of interest.

The unified architecture of Redcell enables powerful and seamless problem diagnosis scenarios. Thus, a user, after pinpointing an endpoint of interest, can pivot to the managed device to identify owner, or to view all alarms raised on the device.

In addition, Service Providers can quickly and easily identify what customers or services are using the most bandwidth in order to make decisions on how to grow or augment the network.

The distributed deployment architecture of Redcell Traffic Flow analyzer provides a powerful scale out options, enabling customers to effectively cope with rapidly growing IT infrastructure.

Redcell Traffic Flow Analyzer helps tighten control of network bandwidth and security to provide better QoS for business critical applications, thus, avoiding unnecessary expensive upgrades. It also lets administrators accurately analyze the impact of network performance and bandwidth on service deployments, ultimately reducing Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).

Key Features

* Collects and deciphers existing IP traffic flows to determine which applications, services, customers, and/or users are most impacting network and application response times and service levels.
* Allows better administrative control of unauthorized traffic and protection of valuable bandwidth for critical and demanding business applications.
* Provides comprehensive visibility and reporting of network utilization through deep insight of top usage patterns.
* Enables administrators to pinpoint what applications or customers are consuming the most network bandwidth, what conversations are involved and who are the most active users.
* Integrates into Redcell portfolio of comprehensive data center automation solutions for managing servers, storage, networks and software patches that supports both physical and virtualized infrastructure.
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