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Dorado Software Integrates With Symantec-Managed Datacenters
Posted: Tue May 19, 2009 03:24:00 PM
Redcell Integration Component for Symantec AltirisTM Solutions Offers Total Visibility & Control for Symantec-Managed Datacenters

FOLSOM, CA - May 6, 2009 - Dorado Software (, a leading provider of infrastructure management software, today announced the certification and release of the Redcell Integration Component for Symantec AltirisTM solutions. The Redcell Integration Component is an easily installed component that immediately enables users to completely manage their multi-technology datacenter environments, including applications, systems, networking equipment and networked storage – all from within the Symantec Management Console. The component was developed by Symantec partner, Bay Dynamics, and has been certified by a third-party testing facility, AppLabs.

"Our customers continue to look for better ways to cut expenses and reduce the growing complexity of managing their multi-technology IT assets,” said Mark Magee, senior director of product management, Symantec. “The Redcell Integration Component provides necessary network data integration and automation from a central location to help our customers reduce the time it takes to manage all of their datacenter, troubleshoot and reduce operational costs.”

Redcell lets users find, configure and monitor multi-vendor networking and storage environments. Redcell is easy-to-implement, easy-to-use, and easy-to-maintain – providing users with the visibility and control needed to maintain and control a healthy datacenter. Redcell performs automated deep discovery of network and storage assets, along with network connectivity to the rest of the customer datacenter. Unique to the Redcell platform, device configuration actions can be performed ad-hoc or as automated tasks that can be either scheduled or invoked from the centralized management system. Examples of automation tasks include the application of specific configuration and security changes to groups of devices. All configuration actions are stored in the Redcell repository for performing compliance checks and reporting.

“The Redcell Integration Component lets users obtain and leverage detailed network inventory and configuration information within Symantec-managed environments,” says Feris Rifai, managing director, Bay Dynamics, “The Redcell-Symantec integration provides users the combined power of application, systems, networking and storage asset, inventory, configuration and connectivity knowledge – all available from within the Symantec Management Console and CMDB.”

The key benefits of the Redcell Integration Component include:

* Extends and enhances the functionality of Symantec management deployments by integrating and harnessing the network and storage knowledge provided by the Redcell Management Software Suite.
* Provides total visibility to the datacenter environment – view network device details (cards, ports, interfaces) and their associations to the server infrastructure (connectivity) collected by Redcell, all from within the Symantec Management Console.
* Enables the ability to perform important network device configuration operations directly from within the Symantec Management Console, such as file backups & restorations, with full audit control.
* Exposes the health of the datacenter’s network infrastructure & how it relates to application environments

“The Redcell Integration Component is based on the Symantec SDK and uses an open web services approach to integrate the network knowledge of datacenter environments into the Symantec Management Platform. This integration offers the user complete visibility into their application infrastructure environment – ensuring the health and configuration compliance necessary to consistently deploy application services to the end-users", said Mike Grote, vice president of enterprise product management at Dorado Software.
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