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Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2009 01:43:00 PM
Monitors Voice over IP performance across Avaya Communication Manager Networks

FOLSOM, CA - March 31, 2009 -Dorado Software ( a leading provider of IT infrastructure management software, today announced the availability of the Redcell 6.1 Advanced RTCP Monitor for Avaya Communication Manager allowing Redcell to monitor Voice over IP (VoIP) performance across Avaya Communication Manager networks. Dorado Software is the developer of Redcell, a product suite that provides uniform access, configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting of multi-vendor IT infrastructure assets, including storage, systems, security and networking devices and services. As a result, companies can simplify troubleshooting and reporting, and proactively monitor their converged VoIP services for increased reliability.

"Redcell's Avaya RTCP Monitor gives us a view into our VoIP infrastructure," said Rhett Barker, Enterprise Account Manager, Quagga, "Combined with Redcell's other advanced monitoring tools and event management, we get a true view of how our VoIP infrastructure is running and can take corrective action to resolve any issues even before they become issues."

Redcell Advanced RTCP Monitor is an essential tool in the management, monitoring and fault isolation of Avaya Communication Manager networks, including monitoring performance and publishing notifications when the quality of an RTCP session crosses marginal or bad quality thresholds, as configured in an RTCP Domain. Correlations make these notifications generate a warning alarm when a session parameter first crosses the marginal threshold, and a critical alarm when the quality crosses the bad threshold.

This Redcell Advanced Monitor uses RTCP domain profiles to specify the Avaya Communication Manager servers that RTCP data is collected from. Each RTCP domain utilizes its own threshold parameters for Jitter, Latency, and Packet Loss allowing settings for both a warning and error level for each threshold parameter. The RTCP domain also allows for the creation of separate domains that can be assigned to Avaya Communication Manager Local Survivable Processors (LSPs), and Enterprise Survivable Servers (ESSs). This is essential as it allows Redcell RTCP to continue monitoring VoIP performance when an LSP and/or a ESS becomes active on the network taking control over VoIP call traffic. The Redcell Advanced RTCP Monitor displays live performance statistics via a session monitor. Each session displays a three dial dashboard showing the current levels for Jitter, Latency, and Packet Loss indicating the session minimum, average, and maximum values. The monitor also includes historical reports that display both summary as well as detailed session statistics.
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