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Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2009 01:42:00 PM
Quickly & Easily Monitor and Save SLA metrics for Remote Sites

FOLSOM, CA - March 18, 2009 - Dorado Software (, a leading provider of IT infrastructure lifecycle management software, today announced a Redcell Advanced Monitor for Cisco IP SLA. The Redcell Advanced Monitor for Cisco IP SLA lets you improve control over your customer's service level agreements (SLAs) and quickly troubleshoot network issues with notifications, thresholding on metrics, and flexible reporting.

"The Redcell Advanced Monitor for Cisco IP SLA allows me to quickly view the status of my remote sites' connectivity as well as prove SLA compliance when issues arise," said Jordan Elbaum, Director or IT at Right! Systems. "I am even notified when the remote sites' connection falls below certain SLA levels."

In addition to assisting with compliance, the Redcell Advanced Monitor for Cisco IP SLA gives users an easy method to configure complex SLAs for each unique customer, not cookie-cutter SLAs with just "percentages and packets". This means SLA levels are based on complicated metrics, not just the textbook ones or a single metric. The SLAs are implemented in the monitor as a set of thresholds

This Redcell Advanced Monitor provides several device specific notifications, including high latency high jitter, Low Mean Opinion Score (MOS), and customizable levels on other values available from any Cisco device that is IP SLA-enabled.

In addition, it offers extremely flexible thresholding visibility on metrics. All of the metrics provided by Cisco's IP SLA device are available and exposed in the Redcell Advanced Monitor and administrators can set thresholds on these metrics. A violation of these thresholds will raise an alarm within the Redcell Event Management System which in turn can notify or take other corrective and proactive measures. In addition, administrators can use the values returned from a device in calculations to provide their own, more complex SLA metrics. This ensures that when an SLA level is in jeopardy corrective action is automatically taken or the appropriate parties are notified. Users are given the ability to alarm based on a combination of factors, not just one or individual factors.

Ultimately, one of the most compelling propositions of this tool is to able to configure threshold levels and advanced violation patterns - giving Redcell users more control over their SLAs.

The Monitor is fully integrated with the full suite of Redcell infrastructure and service management products. The result is complete visibility into all of your data, and integration with pro-active performance monitoring and configuration and change management.
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