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Redcell Synergy - Build network operational communities across management work groups

Redcell Synergy Redcell OpCenter Redcell Engineering Pro Edition
Ignite real-time problem diagnosis to manage complex converging networks. RC Synergy gives cross-organizational work groups a truly integrated experience to instantly access both vital network and service information, in addition to co-workers' expertise, from anywhere. Learn More

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Finds IT assets and subcomponents and how they are connected; automates device configuration; and monitors health, availability, and performance of your complete networked environment. Learn More

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Off-the-shelf tools and utilities for network and security administrators to gain immediate insight and visibility into disparate IT infrastructure assets. Flexible reporting on obsolete technology, out-of-date operating systems and firmware, and security threats. Learn More

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Redcell Infrastructure ManagerEnterprise Solutions:

End-to-End IT Management Products that network, system and storage administrators have been looking for to consolidate IT resource management

Enterprise IT Products

Redcell OpsCenter

Single Console System and Network Management - the only product you need at a price everyone can afford.

The all-in-one management system that network, system and storage administrators have been looking for to consolidate IT resource management of multi-vendor, multi-technology networked environments. Redcell OpsCenter provides key functions such as automated device, link & service discovery, CMDB inventory, health & performance monitoring, free-form configuration task execution and comprehensive reporting.

Redcell Network Commander

Redcell Network Commander is an automated change and configuration management application built for sophisticated network environments. Key features are firmware/OS management & deployment, configuration file management & compliance management, UI-based & one-to-many device configuration.

Redcell System Commander

Redcell System Commander is an agentless systems management solution for heath monitoring, compliance, auditing, troubleshooting and patching multi-vendor client and server environments. Key functions are deep system & client discovery, inventory management & reporting, configuration, health management, remote access & control, patch provisioning & performance monitoring.

Redcell Storage Commander

A single-console management product for managing multi-vendor SAN infrastructure devices, including both Fibre channel & iSCSI devices. It provides key functions such as: automated deep discovery, inventory management, configuration, compliance auditing, health & performance monitoring management, remote access & control, patch provisioning reporting.

Redcell Traffic Flow Analyzer

Redcell Traffic Flow Analyzer provides complete visibility into IP traffic behavior, usage patterns and network utilization to help identify those users, applications, protocols and conversations that are consuming most of the network bandwidth. This unified solution leverages IP flow analysis to enhance the availability and performance monitoring functionality of Redcell.