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No one ever said network and systems management is easy. Especially if you use disparate tools that deliver bits of functionality.

Redcell™ OpsCenter provides a cost-effective and straightforward solution to automate your IT operations. From one console, Redcell OpsCenter finds all your IT assets and all their subcomponents; how they are connected to each other; automates device configuration; and monitors the health, availability, and performance of your networked environment.

Redcell OpsCenter is a comprehensive and integrated IT administration and monitoring system for multi-vendor environments. Redcell OpsCenter increases efficiency and productivity while reducing network administration costs by providing an integrated system for discovering, monitoring, troubleshooting and managing any IT device: including routers, switches, security devices, servers, storage devices and networked printers.

A key problem facing IT professionals is managing and monitoring their collection of resources with multiple vendor-specific and disparate tools – which keeps IT operational costs high and the ability to automate tasks impossible. To prevent business growth from devolving into IT chaos, administrators need a single, consolidated system they can trust to manage an ever-growing, constantly changing heterogeneous service-delivery environment.

Redcell OpsCenter solves this problem with an inexpensive and easy-to-use solution to automate IT operations. From one console, Redcell OpsCenter automatically finds all networked assets and their subcomponents, understands how they are interconnected and associated, performs heterogeneous device configuration, and proactively monitors the health, availability, and performance of your networked application infrastructure.

Redcell OpsCenter increases efficiency and productivity while reducing administration costs through the automation of key operational tasks and intelligent monitoring of services and devices – in a traditional and virtualized multi-domain environment that includes routers, switches, wireless gear, security appliances, servers, PCs, storage devices and networked printers.

Redcell OpsCenter at a Glance

Redcell OpCenter


Deep Discovery, Inventory, CMDB

  • Automated, multi-protocol with centralized credentials management
  • Maintains associations between the managed equipment, so that you know the interdependencies within your IT infrastructure
  • Periodically "resyncs" with the environment to ensure accuracy over time

Health & Performance Monitoring

  • Built in “Monitors” accurately collect and analyze real-time performance metrics for most device types to inform you of the current and historical performance of your global environment
  • Provides graphical dashboards for device key performance indicators and service performance metrics to consistently ensure you are meeting SLA commitments
  • Advanced alerting when pre-defined or user-defined thresholds are surpassed
  • All performance data and SLA metrics are available for comprehensive reporting

Fault & Event Management

  • Monitors your environment for potential health-affecting conditions via SNMP, Syslog events and CIM indications
  • Based on pre-defined and user-defined criteria, escalates appropriate issues as alarms to you via multiple notification methods – the Alarm Viewer, via email or page, to 3rd-party systems, etc
  • Automatically trigger system-initiated operations such as script-execution, configuration backups and/or restorations
  • Displays dependable and filterable record of all events and alarms that have occurred in your environment for troubleshooting and remediation purposes

Graphical Network Topology Mapping

  • Easily view your environment in the customizable topology that displays your network logically and geographically – enabling you to see conditions as and where they occur
  • Drill down in any view with a mouse click to sub-components and logical connections

Extensive Reporting

  • Create reports using dozens of included templates (asset tracking, device subcomponents, network and device performance, etc.) or easily generate custom reports
  • All reports can be executed immediately or on a schedule and the report output can be saved in .pdf, .html, .xls,.csv, and other standard formats

Advanced Scheduling

  • Provides an easy-to-use scheduling system to automate task execution in a lights-out environment – you don’t have to be near the system
  • Detailed audit records are readily available for each scheduled task execution


Reduced SW Expenses for Point Management Solutions

  • Consolidated management solution reduces need for element managers and associated SW licenses, and reduces staffing and training expenses

Increased Device Utilization

  • Comprehensive visibility of devices, components and their interconnections
  • Pre-seeded monitors for health, availability & performance of network services, applications, and devices

Fast Problem Resolution

  • Single “pane of glass” view into infrastructure allows for quick problem resolution without the use of multiple point tools
  • Synchronize connectivity and asset data for a complete picture of your infrastructure, and view in customizable reports and topology

Increased Operational Efficiency

  • Staffing needs and errors are reduced while performing tasks such as discovery, group operations, health & performance monitoring and problem resolution.
  • Using the CMDB and a common set of configuration primitives in a vendor and device independent manner shortens learning period and reduces chance of errors in day to day operations

Ease of Use & Deployment

  • Easily installed and is ready to use in a matter of minutes

Technical Specifications:

Technical Specifications:
Interface Support SNMPv1/v2/v3; Proprietary Device CLI, HTTP/S, XML, SSH, WMI/CIM, Web services
Complete IT Asset Management Routers, switches, security devices, servers, storage devices and networked printers
Device Support Examples
  • Cisco
  • Dell
  • EMC
  • Brocade
  • Juniper
  • Extreme
  • Foundry
  • HP
Operating Environments for Installation
  • Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista
  • Redhat ES Linux v4, v5
  • SUSE Linux v9, v10
Database Embedded database
Integration Web services, email gateway, and event forwarding


PDF File
Download the Redcell OpCenter Datasheet (PDF).


Dorado Software Products
Redcell OpCenter
Redcell OpCenter Get a Quote Today!
Starting at $2,995.00
Get a Quote! Click here