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Redcell Network Commander is an automated change and configuration management application built for sophisticated network environments. Key features of Redcell Network Commander are firmware/OS management & deployment, configuration file management, change & compliance management, UI-based and one-to-many device configuration.

Many of the critical issues facing IT administrators today, such as managing configuration inventory, change detection and compliance auditing, configuration modifications and firmware updates, can all be addressed via Redcell Network Commander's consolidated user interface. By normalizing and consolidating how the infrastructure is configured and managed, administrators can save time, reduce errors, increase operational efficiencies and lay the foundation for leveraging the infrastructure for service configuration and performance monitoring.

Redcell Network Commander’s configuration management capabilities let administrators automatically configure, maintain, back-up, restore and compare network device configuration files and operating system/firmware. This eliminates the inefficiency and errors associated with manual configuration.

Using an easy-to-use graphical user interface administrators can configure devices, save, and reconfigure configuration data. Redcell Network Commander also deploys firmware and operating system patches. In addition, change and compliance management features include both event and policy-based detection, proactive configuration file scanning and comprehensive reporting.


Change/Compliance Management

  • Quickly detect changes to the IT environment through event-driven or proactive change monitoring
  • Event-based configuration change detection via SNMP trap, Syslog events
  • Policy-based compliance detection via Redcell ProScan™ – pro-active configuration file scanning
  • Provides comprehensive reporting of configuration changes – meaningful reports on what changed, who made the change, when the change was made and authorization status

Firmware/OS Management & Deployment

  • Download and maintain various versions of firmware for all your devices
  • Deploy firmware upgrades to devices, or groups of devices

Configuration File Management

  • Template-based configuration file creation, back-up and restoration on a scheduled or immediate basis
  • Visual, color-coded configuration file comparison features to quickly identify changes

User Interface (UI) Configuration

  • Real-time, discrete configuration management for things like system, routing protocols, ports and VLAN configurations

Group Management

  • Flexibility to create static or dynamic groups to manage one-to-many management actions

100% Agentless Architecture

  • Quickest time to value – Deploy in days not months
  • Remove any requirement to take a production server offline in order to update its agent
  • Eradicate the wasted time of tuning agents
  • Eliminate the possibility that an unstable agent could cause downtime and loss of business


Comprehensive Compliance & Change Management

  • Rapidly create, deploy, backup, restore and compare network configuration files and device firmware.
  • Schedule scanning of equipment configurations for compliance with your unique configuration policies.
  • Configure notifications and responses to scanning or other automated events.
  • Archive the results of scanning actions.
  • Pre-seeded and customizable compliance reporting.

Single 'pane of glass' view into your infrastructure

  • Eliminates multiple point-solution console requirements.
  • Improves productivity and efficiency of IT staff.

Advanced passive monitoring and event notification action framework

  • Automate key event notification functions.
  • Forward critical alarms to key people for resolution.

Easy Server Installation

  • Consolidates its deep management capabilities on a single server install.

Technical Specifications:

Technical Specifications:
Interface Support SNMPv1/v2/v3; Proprietary Device CLI, XML, SSH, WMI/CIM, Web services, RMI/IIOP, HTTP/S
Device Support Examples Any device can be quickly supported by creating a driver in the Redcell Device Driver Factory. Some device examples include:
  • Cisco
  • Aruba
  • Dell
  • Extreme
  • Juniper

In addition any device can be quickly supported by creating a driver in the Redcell Device Driver Factory

Operating Environments for Installation
  • Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003
  • Sun Solaris 9, 10
  • Redhat ES Linux v4, v5
  • SUSE Linux v9, v10
Database Embedded database
Integration Web services, emailing handling, and event forwarding


PDF File
Download the Redcell Network Commander Datasheet (PDF).


Dorado Software Products
Redcell Network Commander
Redcell Network Commander Get a Quote Today! Get a Quote! Click here