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RC SynergyOverview:

Cross-Organization Collaboration

RC Synergy is Dorado Software's revolutionary new collaboration and social application platform for building network operational communities across management system silos. The result is real-time problem diagnosis to manage complex converging networks. RC Synergy gives cross-organizational work groups a truly integrated experience to instantly access both vital network and service information, in addition to co-workers' expertise, from anywhere.

As Redcell's new application client, RC Synergy's portal-based architecture offers easeof- use, social networking, and collaboration capabilities across all Redcell and 3rd party applications.

RC Synergy Portal -- Work The Way You Want

RC Synergy's highly customizable portal offers flexible layout views that you can easily tailor to present only the information that you desire, in the format that you design.

RC Synergy Portal

Collaboration Scenarios

Instant, Secure Collaboration
Diagnosing network issues are now faster than ever with real-time collaboration. See how easy it is to see what's happening in your network and securely collaborate to fix problems using the new Redcell 7. This video explores secure collaborative Alarm Correlation.

Resource Diagnosis: Faster Than Ever Before
Improve the MTTR for critical and business affecting issues with timely access to context-driven vendor knowledge on equipment, plus system configuration and related device dependencies.

Overview Redcell (RC) Synergy 
Maximize your team's expertise and eliminate delays in waiting for vendor support by improving awareness and accessibility of co-workers' abilities. Collaborate securely between silos using chat, conference and sharing securely between people and groups.

Easy Integration And Customization

  • Embed virtually any web application into Redcell, or Redcell into any portlet or web page, via IFrame and Web Proxy portlets.
  • Pre-packaged with wealth of out-of-the-box portlets to customize your work environment.
  • Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) offer interactive, user-facing web services for portal plug and play.
  • Easy web-page branding capabilities to reflect customers' preferences.
  • Dynamic localization features allow each user to choose their own preferred language and time zone.
  • Very flexible page layout customization to satisfy and layout requirements.


Cross-Organization Collaboration

  • Share information across operational work groups to solve network problems quicker and deliver services faster
  • Easy-to-use, integrate, maintain, and deploy
  • Flexible, adaptable to existing systems
  • Intelligent real-time diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Easily create custom views to access information
  • Role-based access, view and admin for secure and controlled access to resources


Key Architecture Features

  • New Redcell client leveraging JSR 168 and 286 compliant portal architecture.
  • Built on Collaboration Platform with web 2.0 technologies including: Wiki, knowledgebase, instant messaging, message boards, activity tacking, shared calendar, user/user community capabilities and conference rooms.
  • Multiple installations of Redcell can be consolidated into a single instance of RC Synergy Server, making it ideal for geographically disperse deployments.
  • Asynchronous execution of Tasks and Automation eliminate wait for tasks to complete.
  • Shared user sessions reduce bandwidth and IO usage.

Redcell Application Architecture

Redcell Application Architecture

Technical Specifications:

Technical Specifications:
Web 2.0 Features Community-based OPENSOCIAL, Wiki, Knowledgebase, Activity Tracking, Instant Messaging, Message Boards, Shared Calendar, Conference Rooms.
Redcell Applications
  • Resource Management
  • Monitoring
  • Service Provisioning & Activation
Interface Support SNMPv1/v2/v3, Proprietary Device CLI, XML, SSH, WMI, CIM, Web Services API, HTTP/S
Complete Infrastructure Management Routers, Switches, Security Devices, Servers, Storage
Device Support Examples Cisco, Dell, EMC, Brocade, Juniper, Netgear, Extreme, Foundry, HP, Windows, Linux
Database Support
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
EJB Application Server-Based JBOSS
Integration/Development Tools
  • Java
  • Web
Operating Environments
  • MS Windows: 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008
  • Server R2
  • Solaris 9, 10
  • Redhat ES Linux 5


PDF File
Download the Redcell Synergy Datasheet (PDF).


Dorado Software Products
Redcell Synergy
Redcell Synergy Contact us for pricing! Get a Quote! Click here