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Redcell Engineering Pro Edtion $500 - IT Lifecycle Management


Redcell OpCenter Redcell System Commander
Single console system and network management

Finds IT assets and subcomponents and how they are connected; automates device configuration; and monitors health, availability, and performance of your complete networked environment.

Starts at $2,995.00!

Complete Datacenter Control for System Administrators

Redcell System Commander provides a single unified view for health monitoring, compliance auditing, troubleshooting, patching and agentless management of multi-vendor client and server environments. Key functions include deep system discovery, inventory management and reporting, real-time configuration, health management, remote access and control, patch provisioning, and performance monitoring.

Redcell Storage Commander Redcell Engineering Pro Edition
Integrated Storage Infrastructure Management and CMDB

One of the key problems that IT infrastructure managers are facing is explosive information growth and consequently increased storage needs. Most of the problems associated with SAN and storage management originate in views embedded in legacy IT operations: storage is considered as an isolated island and managed using vendor specific point solutions with very little or no integration with other infrastructure management. Redcell offers one console and common integrated Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and a set of tools for full life cycle of storage infrastructure management.

Management Tools & Utilities For Network & Security Administrators

Off-the-shelf tools and utilities for network and security administrators to gain immediate insight and visibility into disparate IT infrastructure assets. Flexible reporting on obsolete technology, out-of-date operating systems and firmware, and security threats.

Starts at $500.00 for a Single Seat!

Redcell Managed Services (MSP)  
Redcell Portfolio of Management Services to Enhance your MSP Business

Portfolio of Management Services to Enhance your MSP Business Differentiate yourself from hardware resale commoditization and "me too" monitoring capabilities; Reduce operational costs and simplify your offerings with a single product suite that eliminates diverse tools for each service offered.

MSP Bundle Application Price: $25,000.00!