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All IP -- Any Service, Any Device.

Redcell Service Studio transforms service provider operations by enabling virtually "any IP service" for "any device" management. Time-to-market is crucial, and the Studio puts the control in the Service Provider's hands, enabling them to rapidly meet customer and market demands without external dependencies.

Redcell Service Studio is a toolset to quickly model custom IP services without any programming. With increasing competitive pressures, service providers must react quickly to maintain existing and realize new revenue. Redcell Service Studio eliminates the long development efforts typically required to deploy next generation and custom services, enabling service providers to realize revenue faster than ever before.

With Redcell Service Studio, operators can model any IP service, for instance FTTx, mobile backhaul, Ethernet, LTE and Multi-media. In addition, because programming languages are not required, Studio empowers networking experts to implement modifications to services, without incurring professional services or waiting weeks or months for the change.

The automation capabilities provided by the Redcell Studio's Service definition tools frees the implementer to concentrate on rapid content delivery instead of coding infrastructure to integrate into the Redcell suite of monitoring, resource and service management products. Any service definition built with Redcell Service Studio is automatically part of Redcell's inventory and exposed during runtime for discovery, reporting, monitoring, provisioning (activation), and graphical topology views.

In combination with Redcell's Device Driver Factory (SDK), virtually "any service" for "any device" can be added to Redcell Service Center.


Service Studio provides a suite of tools to implement and automate Service Delivery: